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New Sermon Series: April 27 – May 25, 2014

The need for Biblical discernment is at a critical point in the church today. While false teachers and false ideas have always been found alongside Biblical truth, many churches and churchgoers are increasingly embracing the rhetoric and promoting false ideas about the truth. Hollywood is devoting much of its budget to Biblical themes, and book […]

You MUST be born again!

This Sunday we explore the same question that Nicodemus asked when he approached Jesus Christ about eternal life. Jesus said that to enter into heaven, we MUST be BORN AGAIN. Please join us this Sunday for our Easter message from John 3:1-8. Sunday school class will take place as usual, with a study of the […]

Do you know what to do with your knowledge?

This Sunday we encounter the worship of idols in 1 Corinthians 8. While idols may be the “topic” of the text, the real issue is the proper use of our knowledge concerning the weaker brother, and our arrogant approach to those who struggle with these issues. We welcome everyone to our Sunday message “Do you […]

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